My Mountain Muse

Endless saffire blue skies against the whitest brightest glittering geography. Views of mountain peaks in every direction. I am surrounded by some of Mother Nature’s finest work. It takes longer to look around, soak it all in, breathe deeply. . .hence the pace around town is slower, relaxed, at ease. A nice change, and interesting dichotomy from the pace of a big city like Chicago.

Breckenridge’s International Ice Sculpture & Fire Arts Festival delivers incredible snow creations—imaginative designs and hand-carved executions (no power tools) by real craftsmen. The results are awe-inspiring, intricate, daring, while challenging snow structure and gravity. True Art. New to the program are the Fire Arts—metal sculptures that breathe life with fire. Some are robotic, some are musical and encourage interactivity—interesting mix of media.

outside spaces

Warm weather fuels my need for outdoor time—being out & about in the city, or wherever I happen to be for the moment—I’m open to what my daily travels show me—looking to discover something new, unseen, taking note of ‘in the moment’ moments, that provide me a fresh flow of ideas or exposure to familiar influences, recycled as today’s new retro.

This summer’s finds include installations I came upon while peddling through the city and along the lake—quiet spaces that encourage exploration and pause—360 views that welcome more than a moment to savor. The blends of materials, intricacy + delicacy of design, installation + craftsmanship, all layered into nature’s backyard create these wonderful artful + tranquil sites.


Outside spaces are a tandem room, a 3D balcony, a porchscape of mother nature's expansive house. Storm King takes this idea of rooms and marries it to their landscape architecture, enhanced by their summer grooming, to host large sculpture and art. An entirely new space to live, thrive and grow is created . . . Summer rooms found in outdoor spaces inspire creativity and let imagination soar.